Saturday, 9 July 2011

Smashing Trips - How it started

If this is going to be the first post, it has to be memorable (...just trying to put some pressure on myself).

So...deep breath...

Smashing Trips started with an idea of having all my trips, my walks and my 'days out' stories together.
At some point in the near future, when I'll learn more about Identity Management, and integrating forums with a single sign-on, I will be opening the platform for other people,so they can add their own accounts and add their own content.

Today I am at the point where I have the domain,, and I have the the idea. And a very clear design in my head.

And the Logical Data Model 'on paper' - well, in Enterprise Architect actually.
(Impressed everyone ?)

Last summer almost found a developer - however it ended up he's not interested anymore to do the coding - and this leaves ME to do the coding, as well as the analyses and the design.

Well, at least, this will force me to keep it REALLY simple.

Sorry, I should speak like a proper BA, I meant I'll have to keep it strictly in scope.

Why Smashing Trips - because Smashing Magazine is one of my favourite places, so yes, this is why :).

All fingers crossed now.