Smashing Trips Project Plan

A Very Loose Project Plan for the months to come...

October - A bit more planning, France, install and learn about Balsamique.
On track

November - BA stuff: LDM and Use Cases, Screens Prototype, Admin stuff (arrange hosting), BA course, BA book structure.

December - Plan a kick-off meeting

More analyses/ requirements , LDM ready and validated, DB ready (now this is ambitious!)

January - APIs test (Flickr and Picasa and maps), the main pages done in and deployed

February - get content in manually for at least two accounts ... and a lot of testing ...

March - the clever stuff around editing a page...

April - the even more clever stuff about IDM - possible trip in Romania

May - integrating a forum...

June - deploy a first beta ( now - that is ambitios)

To Do List

Learn to use the bloody GPS ...
Learn to read a map :) (according to Laurence)

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